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Sannergata Student Housing

Reidar Andreas Tveit

Diploma project

Spring 2023
Institute of Architecture

Bente Johanne Kleven
What architectural strategies can be implemented in student housing to promote interaction and reduce the prevelance of loneliness
The site I have chosen for my diploma is located at Sannergata 3 a intersection between Sannergata and Markveien. The site benefits from its central location, well connected to the bustling city life at Grünerløkka and Torshov.

The duality of the plot benefits too from its immediate neighbour of Akerselva, a green waterway that runs through the whole of Oslo.





To the west of the plot, there is a park connecting the site and Akerselva. 
Down towards the river and alongside the borders of the site there exist a numerous of large trees resembling an avenue following the length of the footpath.

On the south side of the plot there is a nursing home “Paulus Sykehjem”
The facility is housing 92 long-term inhabitants, including a sheltered ward for residents suffering from dementia.

An ever increasing number of students, increasing cost of living, and an expensive private housing market in Oslo, lays the foundation for the issues this diploma project intends to tackle. The socio-economic factors listed above, together with the social problematic´s regarding the increased feeling of loneliness, both among elders and students, has helped grounding the project to a more human scale.

Reidar Andreas Tveit / reidar.andreas.tveit@stud.aho.no