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  • The pre-diploma must be taken in the last semester before the diploma.
  • Pre-diploma must be taken at AHO.
  • In pre-diploma, you write the program for the diploma you will do in the diploma semester.


  • The program can be written in Norwegian or English.
  • The program must be approved by the supervisor and course responsible for the pre-diploma. 
  • When you pass the pre-diploma course, the program is automatically approved. 
  • The program must be delivered again on Moodle one week into the start of the diploma semester.
  • If you have made changes to the program since the pre-diploma, these changes must be approved by the supervisor.


  • You are assigned a supervisor from among the school's teachers
  • There is not possible to demand a specific person.
  • You can have one or more co-supervisors.
  • A possible change of supervisor must go through the head of institute

Additional information about supervisors for architecture students:

  • As an architecture student in the tenth semester, you can freely prioritize courses among the studio courses offered on the master's program in architecture, without this necessarily affecting who you get as a supervisor.
  • We recommend that you spend your last regular semester in a studio course with the subject matter and supervising teaching body you wish for your diploma work. This is a recommendation and not a rule.
  • Alternative, if you pick a studio course with a different teaching body than the one you wish as supervisors for your diploma-project, we advise you to contact your preferred supervisor(s) as early as possible so as to let them know about your plans. You should have had this supervisor as your teacher in one of your earlier master studio courses.
  • You will have a main supervisor, but the entire teaching team of that studio course your supervisor teaches in will be a reference group in the supervision.

Transition rule that applies only to architecture students:

Spring and autumn 2023 are a transition period for the architecture students, and therefore the following applies:

· • If you have taken 2 studio courses in the same series, in your tenth semester you have the opportunity to take a third semester of studio courses in the same series that you have already taken before.