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Exchange to AHO

AHO's management has decided to cancel exchanges to and from educational institutions outside Europe in the spring semester of 2021.

Currently, there are many uncertainties associated with exchanges outside Europe, such as entry regulations, and the opportunity to return to Norway before the end of the semester if necessary. In addition, many partner universities around the world are unsure of what kind of teaching they will be able to offer. This is the reason why AHO has decided that ordinary exchanges outside Europe will not take place.

AHO's main priority is to provide students with predictability and a high-quality academic offer when they go on exchange. It is difficult to guarantee now, especially when it comes to exchanges outside Europe.

AHO understands that many will be very disappointed that the exchange cannot be carried out as planned. At the same time, we take very seriously the responsibility it entails to send students on exchange, and emphasize that the decision has been made with the students' best interests in mind.

Int. Office at AHO:
+ 47 22 99 70 46

To be eligible for admission as an exchange student you must be enrolled in one of AHOs partner institutions. It is an absolute prerequisite that you have completed a minimum of three years of study prior to the exchange.

How to apply: Erasmus / Bilateral / Nordplus / Nordlys students

Application deadlines: April 1st. / October 1st.

Required attachments:

All applicants must be nominated by their home institutions.
Please contact the international coordinator at your school for information on how to procede. Information on Online Nomination Services.

Kindly note that AHO reserves the right to assess incoming students’ suitability for the specific study/programme based on their application materials (e.g. portfolio). Due to the limited number of study places available, students cannot be guaranteed a study place until their applications have been considered by the admission committee and they have received a written confirmation from AHO.
If your school does not have a partnership with AHO, you must apply as a visiting student.

Semester dates:

Autumn semester: mid August - mid December
Spring semester: 2nd week of January - 1st week of June

Incoming exchange students must arrive ahead of semester start. 

Information to new students


If you have questions regarding the application procedure, please contact International Coordinator at AHO: