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The PhD programme

AHO announces all PhD positions by public announcements on our web page. This usually happens in the begginning of each year.

To be admitted to AHOs PhD programme, the applicant must document a completed master degree or equivalent to it. Previous experience from research or through post-graduate master education will be an advantage.

AHO only accept fully financed external PhD candidates. Financing for three year of full time studies must be documented. AHO does not accept student’s financed out of one’s own capital, the financing must be provided by external sources as Universities or University colleges, the Norwegian Research Council or businesses.  

Candidates financed through AHO’s own PhD positions or by external financed AHO projects are employed by the school and receive a monthly salary during the PhD education period. Students employed by other universities or university colleges can also apply to be admitted to the PhD programme.

Industrial PhD / Nærings ph.d.

AHO also admit Industrial PhD candidates. As an Industrial PhD, the candidate is employed in the company and must apply to be admitted to the PhD programme as all other candidates. The company applies for support through the Industrial PhD programme at the Norwegian Research Council. Click here for more information.

Companies who whish to cooperate with AHO in the Industrial PhD programme must contact the Research Administration at AHO for more information.


Oslo School of Architecture and Design ANNUAL AHO PHD CALL 2020
AHO offers three fully funded PhD positions for the period 2020–2023 with research themes as follows:
  • Modern Architecture and Public Culture 
  • Social Sustainability and urban design in Oslo 
  • PhD by Practice 
Application deadline 23 February. See all announcements and apply here.

Slik foregår søknadsprosessen

AHO tar opp 60 studenter til akitekturstudiet hvert år. For å bli student ved AHO må du gjennom en søknadsprosess som består av tre steg:

  1_7.png  Samordna opptak

  Søk Samordna opptak før 15. april. Når du
  har søkt og fått søkernummer kan du
  registrere deg i innleveringsportalen Moodle
  og laste ned opptaksprøve 1.

  2_5.png  Opptaksprøve 1

  Du kan starte på oppgaven før du har søkt
  Samordna opptak, men du kan ikke laste den opp
  før du har fått søkernummeret dit. Omtrent 300
  søkere kommer videre til opptaksprøve 2. 

  3_5.png Opptaksprøve 2

   Basert på vurdering av opptaksprøve 1
  går kvalifiserte søkere videre til trinn 2.
  Opptaksprøven holdes på AHO en helg i juni.