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Andrea Pinochet

Assistant Professor

Institute of Architecture

Andrea is an architect and engineer educated at the Cooper Union, in New York, and has a Master in Sturctural and Construction Engineering from the UPC, in Barcelona. She is also a founding partner of +groma
Andrea has been teaching in the Master program at AHO since 2012, offering courses dealing with restoration, building technology, structures and material ecology. In both in current and past courses, Andrea has been developing a pedagogical framework under the umbrella of Material History and Ecology, expanding on themes related to Lightweight architecture, Constructive Logic, Field Stations and Open Structures.
In 2018, she co-edited the Concrete Oslo book (Torpedo Press), which received DOGA's 2018 National Award for Architecture, and Grafill's Most Beautiful Book of the Year Award.
In the past, Andrea has been Visiting Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong (2018-2020) and Technology Coordinator at Monash University (2017-2018). She has also served as Associate Director of the Field Stations Program at the Wright Ingraham Institute (2017-2020) and Research Associate at The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design (2010-2015). 

Current courses:
Pre-diploma coordinator
Lightweight Architecture: Towards A New Material Paradigm

Past Studios:
2022    Constructive Logic: Wasted!
2021    Constructive Logic: Earth Matters    
            Field Stations: Lightweight Architecture II (COVID Teststasjon)
2020    Field Stations: Lightweight Architecture I   
 â€‹           Open Structures: Constructive Logic                  
2019    Re-Store: Chungking Express   
2017    Re-Store: Maintenance
2017    Universals V: Civic Miniatures  
2016    Re-Store: Systems          
2015    Re-Store: Concrete  
2014    Re-Store: Oslo. Reinventing the Government District    
            Three Critical Projects  
2012    Asylum in Venice     

Past Electives:
2022    Pre-diploma coordinator
2021    Pre-diploma coordinator
2017    Material History: Reading and Design of Structures
2016    Norwegian Architecture            
2015    Norwegian Architecture
2014    Pre-diploma course FTH
2013    Pre-diploma course FTH



  • Architecture & Culture
  • Architectural History
  • Building Heritage
  • Materials, Structure & Ecology
  • Practise