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Erik Fenstad Langdalen

Head of Institute

Institute of Architecture

Erik Fenstad Langdalen (b.1967) is a Professor and the Head of Institute of Form, Theory and History. He is responsible for the preservation program and teaches experimental preservation master studios with a focus on “the recent past”: post-war architecture, concrete structures and mass-production i.a. His architectural practice (www.eriklangdalen.no) focusses mainly on restauration and transformation of historic wood buildings, and he is the owner of a listed farm at Dovre managed as a cultural and educational centre (www.budsjord.no). Since 1999 he has worked extensively on exhibitions, museums and private houses, and recently he won a competition for a National tourist road project in Lofoten. Erik Langdalen holds a Diploma from The Oslo School of Architecture and a Master in Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University GSAPP.


  • Building Heritage

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