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Halvor Weider Ellefsen

Associate Professor

Institute of Urbanism and Landscape

Research interest and disciplinary focus:

Associate Professor Halvor Ellefsen, Architect P.h.D. combines knowledge from architectural and urban design practice with theoretical studies and academic research. Ellefsen's focus on disciplinary research, teaching and design revolves around the dynamic between political economic practices that frame architectural design and urban development processes, exploring and disseminating how political and economic frameworks affect the making disciplines; - and vice versa.      

Particular and current research interest includes:
- Case specific research and dialectics between political economic process and architectural production 
- Harborfronts developments and their impact and role as spatial environemnts in the organisation of and production in the city.  
- Quantification methods and tools for eco system services in urbanisation and property development processes.
- Peri urban development and morphologies



Studio Ellefsen
PhD: Urban Environments of the Entrepreneurial City 


  • Architecture & Culture
  • Cities
  • Large Scale Architecture
  • Public Space and Parks