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Tom Davies

Institute of Architecture

Tom Davies is a building archaeologist and built-heritage consultant who works with conservation, community engagement and heritage consultancy. He is currently finalising his ph.d. dissertation which evaluates and informs the management of Brutalist architecture and its stakeholders, looking to secure long-term futures for sites and buildings and the people who live and work there. The disseration takes a combined approach to buildings and communities looking at past and developing use and the evolving significance of place.  
Tom has been teaching cultural heritage site analysis and transformation at Vestli, Vardø and St. Olavs Plass, Oslo, Urban Preservation, modernist architecture, and sustainable heritage (with Even Smith Wergeland) He is also researching the architects Anne Tinne and Mogens Friis who worked as archaeologists and architects and were fundamental in establishing the terraced block as a building type in Norway. 



  • Architectural History
  • Building Heritage
  • Cities
  • Large Scale Architecture
  • Public Space and Parks