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Ida Højlund Rasmussen


Institute of Urbanism and Landscape

Ida Højlund Rasmussen is a PhD research fellow at the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape. Her PhD project ‘VARDØ: Community, Resources and Lasting Values’ is part of the cross-institutional research project ‘Common Resources, Strategies for a circular, balanced and shared management of areas under pressure’. Ida holds a bachelor's degree from Aarhus School of Architecture and a master's degree in urban planning and communication studies from Roskilde University. She interested in the relationship between environmental care and social justice, which relates to her previous research on societal structures, identity and agriculture in the West Bank, Palestine, where she has also lived and worked. At AHO, Ida has co-taught a studio course focusing on futures in Lviv, Ukraine, and an elective course on soil and mapping in the Varanger Peninsula.



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