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Mari Lending is a professor in architectural theory and history, and a founding member of OCCAS (the Oslo Centre for Critical Architectural Studies). She was a senior researcher in the research projects Place and Displacement: Exhibiting Architecture, The Printed and the Built. Architecture and Public Debate in Modern Europe (funded by the Norwegian Research Council), as well as the EU–funded HERA project Printing the Past: Architecture, Print Culture, and Uses of the Past in Modern Europe (PriArc). Lending did her first dissertation (Mag. art) in comparative literature on Marcel Proust at the University of Oslo (1997) and her ph.d. dissertation in architectural historiography at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (2005). She has been a visiting scholar at the GSD, Harvard University, Columbia University, and Yale School of Architecture.

Mari Lending publishes on literature, art and architecture, and has edited a number of books, book series and journals. Among her latest books are Plaster Monuments. Architecture and the Power of Reproduction (Princeton University Press, 2017), with Peter Zumthor, A Feeling of History  (Scheidegger & Spiess, 2018), Images of Egypt, with Tim Anstey and Eirik Bøhn (Pax, 2018), and Sverre Fehn, Nordic Pavilion, Venice. Voices from the Archives, with Erik Langdalen (Lars Müller/Pax, 2021). Lending is the President of EAHN (European Architectural History Network), and the project leader of the international NRF-funded research project Provenance Projected: Architecture Past and Future in the Era of Circularity (2021/2023–2027). 

Selected articles
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