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Book launch: Pedagogical Experiments in Architecture for a Changing Climate

Book talk:

Pedagogical Experiments in Architecture for a Changing Climate Edited by Luis Callejas, Jørgen Tandberg, Tulay Atak and Jonathan Scelsa. Join us for the launch of the book Pedagogical Experiments in Architecture for a Changing Climate.

This book presents a series of pedagogical experiments translating climate science, environmental humanities, material research, ecological practices into the architectural curriculum. Balancing the science and humanities, it exposes recent pedagogical experiments from renown educators, while also interrogating a designer’s agency between science and speculation in the face of climate uncertainty. The teaching experiments are presented across four sections: Abstraction, Organization, Building, and Narrative, exposing core parts of an architect’s education and how educators can simultaneously provide fundamental skills and constructive literacy while instigating environmental sensibilities.

Chapters cover issues such as water infrastructure, remediating materials, methods of disassembly and adaptive reuse, as well as constructing new aesthetic categories of climate change. Written and edited by expert design educators actively engaged in experimenting in new forms of pedagogy, this book will be of great use to architecture instructors at all levels looking to renew their teaching practices to more directly address the climate emergency. It will also appeal to those academics across the built environment interested in the ways design can affect and adapt to climate change.

The book is edited by Luis Callejas (AHO), Jørgen Tandberg Tandberg (AHO), Tulay Atak (Die Angewandte ) and Jonathan Scelsa (Pratt) Published by Routlege (2024):http://https://www.routledge.com/Pedagogical-Experiments-in-Architecture-for-a-Changing-Climate/Atak-Callejas-Scelsa-Tandberg/p/book/9781032398105

Presentations by the editors: Luis Callejas, Jørgen Tandberg, Jonathan Scelsa and Tulay Atak Presentation of a chapter by Nicolas Dorvarl-Bory Conversation with Irene Alma Lønne, Hanna Charlotta Dencik Petersson and the audience.

Date: 22. May, 2024
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Venue: Library