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Colour Reflections

Credits: 6
Teacher: Ingrid Lønningdal
Course description
This course is based on practical work with colour. We will study and discuss colour and space through analogue experiments in sketch models and reliefs. The students will develop their own colour pallets and investigate how colours both influence, and is experienced in, different spatial situations.
During the semester we will approach colour in different ways. We will try out paint mediums like watercolour and gouache, produce material samples with different textures, study colour in three dimensional sketch models, and become acquainted with architects and artists who use colour integrally in their practice. 
Throughout the course the students will become familiar with colour as an architectonic means, in interiors as well as exteriors. It is a goal for the students to accumulate experience, confidence and a vocabulary in using colours. The work will result in each student producing a booklet containing examples, experiments and photos of sketch models. The models and the booklets will be presented in an exhibition at the end of the semester.

It is expected that the students contribute actively to the education and be present at every class. The most relevant themes will be decided upon collectively.

Learning outcome
On completing the class, the students will have gained:
  • an understanding of colour as a spatial means
  • practical experience in working with colour 
  • a better language in describing and discussing colour
  • knowledge about some colour theories and terms
Working and learning activities
The course will consist of both individual studies, presentations and group discussions.