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GK4 Structural Mechanics and Building Construction 2

Full course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
GK4 Structural Mechanics and Building Construction 2
Course code: 
40 141
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Teaching semester: 
2016 Spring
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Person in charge
Solveig Sandness
Required prerequisite knowledge

Det kreves ingen forkunnskaper utover opptakskrav i studieprogrammet.

Course content

The aim of the course on structures and construction is to offer basic theoretical and practical knowledge of fundamental structural types, how structures behave when subjected to loads, and the relationship between form and the mechanical concepts of strength, stiffness and stability. Moreover, the course illustrates and discusses structural concepts in relation to various architectural works.
Furthermore, the course focuses on the similarities and differences between the properties of the different materials and how they are used in actual construction practices. Besides, the most common construction systems for small and larger buildings will be presented and discussed in relation to works of architecture.

Learning outcome

Knowledge and skills
The course will contribute to basic knowledge of the design of structures and structural systems, their detailing and construction in the most important structural materials (wood, steel and concrete), as well as train skills to implement such knowledge in actual project design. Moreover will the student develop an ability to reflect on the role of structures in architecture, and to present informed arguments for structural choices in her/his own projects.

General competence
After having completed the course the student is expected to have an overview of the most relevant structural systems employed in modern Norwegian building tradition, and having aquired a certain knowledge of more specialized structural methods.

Working and learning activities

The course consists of a number of weekly lectures and compulsory exercises. A practical grip of the theoretical knowledge accumulated should be demonstrated in the design projects. The course is literature based and takes as a prerequisite that the student actively read in addition to following the lectures. The exercises are analytic tools that train the student in recognizing and understanding structural aspects in specific works of architecture. Discussions on structures and construction technologies are central topics at project tutoring and reviews.
The course is assessed on the basis of submitted and accepted exercises as well as a written exam.

Presence required
Not required
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