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70 700 Pre-Diplom Design

Full course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
Pre-Diplom Design
Course code: 
70 700
Level of study: 
Teaching semester: 
2017 Autumn
Assessment semester: 
2017 Autumn
Language of instruction: 
Person in charge
Håkan Edeholt
Natalia Lucia Agudelo Alvarez
Required prerequisite knowledge

Completed 240 ECTS in total

Course content

The PreDip course aims to help students to develop a solid launch pad for their diploma projects, one that will allow them to start their design/research process from a knowledgeable and critical position and with a clear plan. The choice of theme is primarily in the hands of each student, and the direction in which this subject is to take is mainly the result of consultations between each student and their supervisor, the institute leader, and the course staff. The course is organized in two main phases. The first phase focus both on the individual student’s own skills and interests and the choice of the actual theme of the project. This first phase will be presented and assessed at a midterm-presentation (after app. 1 month). The second phase deals with designing the actual project with a feasible project proposal as its main and final delivery.

Learning outcome

After the course the student will have obtained: Knowledge: - A reflective, constructive and critical stance to his or her own disciplinary interests, strengths and weaknesses. Skills: - An ability to pitch concepts for as well peers as for potential tutors and partners. - An ability to develop a feasible diploma project as required at the Institute of Design at AHO. General Competence: - An ability to convey his or her maturity as a designer at a level that make a positive outcome for a diploma project at AHO very likely.

Working and learning activities

The course will mix lectures, own research and writing with presentations and tutoring.

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