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Norsk arkitektur - en introduksjon

Full course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
Norsk arkitektur - en introduksjon
Course code: 
80 301
Level of study: 
Teaching semester: 
2014 Autumn
Language of instruction: 
Required prerequisite knowledge

Pased foundation level courses (bachelor)

Course content

Introduction to Norwegian architecture, its history and its contemporary manifestations. The course is based on a series of lectures, reading seminars and excursions.

Learning outcome

The students will get an overview of Norwegian architecture and architectural history, and a particularly thorough knowledge of the architecture of the Oslo region. They will be introduced to scholarly practices such as building analysis, academic writing and oral presentations. Furthermore, the course introduces the students to the ongoing research at the institute academic by inviting both senior and junior scholars as lecturers and excursion leaders.

Working and learning activities

The course is based primarily on excursions, involving walking tours and trips by public transport, supplemented with lectures and reading seminars. Each seminar consist of a lecture, a text presentation and an excursion. The program will cover a range of different building types, from single-unit dwellings to large-scale projects, and will also provide an overview of crucial moments and developments in the overall planning of Oslo. Students should also have in mind that the field trips will be carried out regardless of weather conditions. Warm and rainproof clothing is advisable, especially in the second half of the semester.
The students will be divided into groups in the early stages of the course. At every seminar one of the groups present a set of given texts for the rest of the group. An important aspect of the assignment is to discuss the Norwegian material within an international framework of contexts and theories. The students are encouraged to employ their own scholarly experience, regional and cultural background in their interpretation of the selected topic. It is mandatory for all students to be present at both lectures and field trips to pass the course. The final exam consists of an individually written essay.

Presence required
Not required
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Presence required:Not required
Form of assessmentGroupingGrading scaleComment
Other assessment method, define in comment fieldIndividualPass / failSee Work and learning activities
Form of assessment:Other assessment method, define in comment field
Grading scale:Pass / fail
Comment:See Work and learning activities