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Drawn to Architecture

Credits: 6
Person in charge: Ingrid Lønningdal

Course content
This is a course in free hand drawing. The students will get short assignments and develop their own, individual work to be presented and exhibited at the end of the course.

The individual work will use an existing building as a starting point, and is initiated with drawn analyses and visualizations of the chosen building. This serves as a springboard to discussing visualisation of architecture, and especially different levels of abstraction. In renderings, and particularly in different architecture competitions, there is a tendency to present buildings through hyper realistic and glossy images. What relevant strategies in analogue drawing techniques and which tools can be used to include or reflect upon materiality, colour and texture? The initial analytic work is followed by an explorative approach to drawing, where we investigate how different concepts from the analysis can be developed into more abstract, drawn compositions. In these drawings materiality, texture and colour are emphasised, as well as the importance of finding interesting connections between the chosen drawing tool/-method and concept.

The teacher is a visual artist, and it will be a goal to highlight different strategies and approaches to visualisation of surroundings/buildings in contemporary art, and to discuss if and how this can be transferred to the study of architecture.

Learning outcome
On completing the class, the students will have:
  • developed their free hand drawing skills
  • developed their language in describing and discussing their own and others’ works/processes
  • developed their understanding for the connection between drawing method/-tool and conceptual content
  • improved their knowledge about materiality/texture/colour in analogue drawing techniques, which will inform subsequent work in digital techniques
  • improved their knowledge about architecture representation

Working and learning activities
The students will work closely with each other and the teacher, and the participants are therefore expected to set aside all of Tuesday. A minimum of 80% attendance is required to pass the course. In addition to practical work with free hand drawing the students will present ideas, ideals and work processes to each other. We will also visit art exhibitions and do studio visits.