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Course literature and Leganto

Course literature and Leganto

The Kopinor agreement allows the use of copyrighted materials to be used in higher education, with some restriction. In order to share chapters and articles with the students, the rights have to be cleared before the semester starts. AHO have to comply with the copyright laws and regulations.



The course instructor creates the reading lists in Leganto and send them to the library for rights clearing, purchase and completion. 
Physical books are marked with Kursbok - 1 ukes lån (Course book 1 week loan) and placed in the main collection. The availability is visible in Oria/Leganto for students and staff. We no longer place course books on separte shelves since we want students to discover other titles on the same topic and learn how to navigate the library. 

If the lists contain chapters and articles it can take up to 14 days to clarify the rights according to the Kopinor agreement. We use Bolk to clarify the rights and files shared in Leganto need an accompanying text stating the rights to use the documents. AHO pays for the use of chapters/articles above the 15% included in the Kopinor agreement. 


Most e-books have the same policies as the printed books, one user at the time for 28 days. We can open for more users and/or shorten the loan time to 7 days. Please let us know if you want students to have simulatenous access to entire e-books or chapters. 

Physical books

We achieve to purchase books on the course reading lists, please note that it might take 7 days or 3 months to get hold of some titles. 

Leganto for instructors

Your association to the course must be coded in Felles studentsystem (FS). 
Log in using Feide. 

For more details se Leganto how to for instructors

Questions? Please contact the library.

Course lists for students

You will find reading lists in the course room in Moodle or Leganto. 
Are you a student looking for your courses reading lists?