AHO’s diploma candidates are ready for the world!

AHO’s diploma candidates are ready for the world!

Years of hard work is over for 49 candidates. 

12 candidates in architecture,11 candidates in landscape architecture, 22 in design, 1 master in Architectural Conservation and 5 PhD candidates are ready to take up their professional life. Are they ready to take on the task?

Yes, said AHO’s rector Ole Gustavsen in his speech to the candidates. What do employers emphasize when they hire new people? Ability to collaborate, ability to work in multidisciplinary groups, ability to acquire new knowledge, communication skills, ability to work under pressure and think critical and independently, ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical contexts, and to use knowledge in new areas.
Gustavsen gave them the following advice for the road: 

First of all, the power of knowing yourself: Knowing who you are will help you when it’s time to fight. Secondly, many will tell you to develop a life plan. But, avoid to do so. You cannot imagine what will be invented in the future. Finally, Do remember that mistakes, failures, embarrassments and disappointments are a necessary component of growing wise.
Julie Helgeland Davidsen og Monica Tomescu-Rohde from the Norwegian Academy of Music performed, Berit Lindquister spoke on behalf of AHO’s faculty, and Hans-Martin Erlandsen spoke on behalf of the class of 2017.

In his speech, Henrik Syse underlined the moral responsibility that comes with knowledge.

"Professional skills provide a possibility to participate and effect both good and bad. Moral wisdom must accompany knowledge, Syse said, before urging the candidates listen to the old Greeks; “Festina lente – hurry slowly”.
Diplomas in hand, the newly minted candidates are ready to meet the challenges of professional life. As Rector said "We do not know what the future holds, but we know the school will miss you!"