AHO candidates, ready to take on the world!

AHO candidates, ready to take on the world!

Years of hard work and schooling is over for 53 Master students of architecture, landscape architecture, design, urbanism and AHO’s Ph.D-programme
In his speech, rector Ole Gustavsen gave some advice for the road ahead:
- Find a cause you feel passionate about, surround yourselves with smart people, choose allies instead of admirers, protect your integrity and follow your dreams.

Professor Bente Kleven spoke on behalf of the faculty urging the candidates to know their obligations and the footprints they will set and to take their human and societal responsibilities seriously.

Pedro Sjøblom Tavares spoke on behalf of the students underlining the value of external evaluation. He spoke of the importance of keeping standards of excellence by interacting with the best internal- and external environments and said never to stop rethinking methods of observation and understanding.

AHO knows that employers are lining up to get to know the newly minted architects, designers, landscape architects, urbanist and academics. We also send our thoughts to the near and dear ones that will join in to celebrate that months of hard work is over. Congratulations
And, like rector Ole Gustavsen said, we will miss you!