Exchange: General information

Exchange: General information

Accommodation abroad

AHO’s partner institutions will in most cases assist in finding accommodation for incoming exchange students. Some institutions order a room for you. Others provide you with a list of possible hosts.

Visa and residence permit

If you hold a residence permit in Norway, you are entitled to stay in any Schengen-country for three months without having to apply for visa. The local police authorities and/or the international office at your host institution will inform you how to register for a student’s residence permit for a longer period

Depending on your nationality, different requirements apply for visa and residence permit in countries outside Schengen. Contact the international office at the host institution and/or the embassy of the host country in Norway for information on how to apply.


Remember to consider your safety abroad; travel insurance, theft insurance, health insurance etc. Read more about insurance here.

When you study in another Nordic country, you are covered by the social insurance in the country where you are residing. Read more at The Nordic Social Insurance Portal.

Independent Guest studies

Please contact AHO's international coordinator for guest studies that are not part of AHO's network of agreement

Language Courses

In many of the countries where AHO has exchange agreements, e.g. France and Germany, lectures are mainly given in native language, and only to a small extend in English. If you are going on exchange in a country where you do not know the language, you are advised to study the local language prior to the start of the semester abroad. You may either follow a language course in Norway before you go, or find an intensive course in the city to which you are heading. Some partner institutions offer language courses for incoming exchange students a few weeks before the start of the studies, or during the semester. Norwegian citizens and others eligible for support from The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund may apply for a scholarship for preparatory language courses.

Please do also note that some partner institutions may demand documentation of language skills as part of the application for exchange studies.

English tests

If the institution you are planning to exchange to demand documentation of knowledge of English, it could be a good idea to order a TOEFL- or IELTS-test well ahead of the application deadline. These tests are accepted by academic institutions throughout the world.

Read more about TOEFL and find test dates in Oslo.

Read more about IELTS and find test dates in Oslo.

Other resources

ANSA – Association of Norwegian Students Abroad is a non-profit and independent organisation voicing the interests of Norwegian students who study abroad. Non-Norwegian citizens can obtaine membership while registered as students with residence permit in Norway. ANSA provides guidance and supervision throughout your stay abroad, and offer insurance and banking solutions specially designed for Norwegian students abroad.
Archi-Students – portal for european students of architecture

Nordic Academy of Architecture - Architectural education in the Nordic and Baltic countries

CIRRUS - design education in the Nordic and baltic countries

Cumulus - international association of universities and colleges of art, design and media

EAAE – European Association for Architectural Education

Erasmus Student Network - international organization for Erasmus students

Erasmus Norway on Facebook

Campus France – tips and inspiration for studies in France 

German Academic Exchange Service - tips and inspiration for studies in Germany 

PLOTEUS - The European Commission's portal to studies in Europe 

Study in Europe - the EU profiling portal for education in Europe 

Fulbright - scholarships for studies in the USA

Valle - scholarships for studies at University of Washington, Seattle (Nordic/Baltic citizens