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This is the winners of AHO WORKS AWARDS spring 2024

Foto av alle vinnerne av AHO Awards våren 2024

Photo: Marian Jade

This is the winners of AHO WORKS AWARDS spring 2024

In the awards ceremony for the spring of 2024, 18 prizes were awarded to the best projects of the semester – see all the winning projects here.

AHO WORKS AWARDS is an award ceremony to celebrate the studio and diploma projects that have excelled at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). The award is presented every semester.

Teachers at AHO nominate candidates for the awards, and then the jury and sponsors evaluate the projects. The very best projects in each category receive awards and are celebrated with a formal ceremony.

Here is an overview of all the awards and winners:

Prize: Climate shift

Sponsor: Skift
Winners: THE ENIRE CLASS: M Beitohaugen, R Borromeo, H Helgesen, S Holmøy-Wang, SM Beitohaugen, R Borromeo, H Helgesen, S Holmøy-Wang, SJavaid, S Jhunjhnuwala, S Assakali Larsen, O Løddesøl, M Muhr, IOmvik, S Solgaard, JS Songli, A Steinmetz, A Wathne Svinø, MGunby Sørensen, A Volkova, P.Winkler
Project: The course Circular prototyping: CLAY

Prize: OBOS prize for excellence in residential Architecture

Sponsor: OBOS
Winners: Anniken Maria Blakstvedt Willmann, Bine Bergan, Violette Moussiegt, Yuna Pendu
Project: Kabelgata 1, Kloden og Tre Tun Bofellesskap

Prize: Interaction design

Sponsor: Bekk
Winners: Dina Louise Bahr Bugge & Sara Sandhaug
Project: Vierlive

Prize: Excellence in the use of concrete or brickwork

Sponsor: Betong Norge
Winners: Karolie Manvik Mathisen
Project: Reassembling the rejected: adaptive reuse of Paleet Carpark

Prize: Excellence in plant use

Sponsor: Plantinor
Winners: Isa Kreul Bærug
Project: Hagebruk på Røst

Prize: Service Design 

Sponsor: NoA Ignite
Winners: Magnus Winter, Tu Vi Tran, Rui Hu, Fransesca Bertini
Project: Pills for change

Prize: Excellence in use of steel

Sponsor: Norwegian Steel Association
Winners: Oliwia Raszkowska
Project: Trekkfuglen

Prize: Complexity and holistic approach

Sponsor: Halogen
Winners: Daphne Chan
Project: Between Citizenships

Prize: Nature Based Solutions

Sponsor: NGI Norwgian Geotechnology Institute
Winners: Una Elden
Project: Sauehagen

Prize: Industrial design

Sponsor: K8
Winners: Alexandra Martha Lothe Raven & Brage Planke Eckhoff
Project: Saturn

Prize: Professionalism

Sponsor: Arkitektbedriftene
Winners: Inge Rosén Langdalen
Project: Varanger immemorial – between Varanger immemorial – between heritage and resources in the High North.
Winners: Victoria Moe Dalen
Project:  The Atlantic Wall Archive

Prize: Sustainability

Sponsor: EGGS
Winners: Alexandra Martha Lothe Raven & Brage Planke Eckhoff
Project: Saturn

Prize: Excellence in the use of timber

Sponsor: TreFokus
Winners: Jiro Farnell Hale
Project: Storgata 40: Boligmodeller som fremmer deling og fellesskap

Prize: Strategic use of design

Sponsor: Forte Digital
Winners: Sunniva Lislevand Wildhagen
Project: Digital identitet: En strategisk utforsking av fremtidens eID

Prize: Excellence in spatial layout - Social interaction in landscapes

Sponsor: Vestre
Winners: Hedvig Riiser Hegge
Project: Spankuleringen

Prize: Material exploration and aesthetic experience  

Sponsor: Designit
Winners: Shanna Agate Booth
Project: Illuminating emotional durability

Prize: Statsbyggprisen: best architecture diploma

Sponsor: Statsbygg
Winners: Karoline Manvik Mathisen  
Project: Reassembling the Rejected: adaptive reuse of Paleet Carpark
Winners: Thea Brendesæter
Project: Fish Scales and Granite Tales - Carving the Coastal Narrative of Bømlo

Prize: Den gode ide

Sponsor: Den gode ide
Winners: Johannes Nyborg Heynin
Project: TapOut
























Photo Marian Jade