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The Impact of Deconstructivist Architecture

The 1988 Deconstructivist Architecture exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, curated by Philip Johnson and Mark Wigley, was a minor exhibition that forced architecture to change directions.   Charting the ten years leading up to the exhibition and the reception before and after the show, the new AHO PhD thesis by Tina Di Carlo The Construction of an Exhibition within Architecture Culture looks at the apparatus of the exhibition to question what the exhibition constructed and what in turn constructed it.

Custom Made in Hong Kong

Custom Made – Naturalizing Tradition refers to the interplay between convention and customization in Norwegian architecture and urban development.

Student chat: Eva Storrusten

We’ve talked to Eva Storrusten (25), currently a fourth year architect student.

Simulation, design and the developement in the maritime sector

Game engines, simulations, visualisations, avatars and artificial intelligence are now common tools in developement laboratories in the maritim sector. And the designers are leading the way.