Diploma regulations

The Diploma regulations was decided by Undervisningsutvalget (UU) 11.02.2019

Register for the Diploma semester

You sign up for Diploma in Studentweb within the deadline for ordinary course registration. If you miss the deadline, you might have to wait one semester to start the diploma semester. 
In order to embark on your Diploma project, you must have achieved the following credits, in which Pre-diploma of 6 credits must be included.

  • Master of Architecture – 300 credits 
  • Master of Design (5 years) – 270 credits
  • Master of Design (2 years) - 90 credits
  • International Master of Landscape Architecture –  90 credits 

Diploma program/project description

If you pass the Pre-diploma course, your program/project description is automatically approved. If you fail the diploma semester, you must submit a new program/project description. The supervisor and Head of institute must approve the new program.
Design students submit project description one week after semester start.  


You may write your diploma program/project description and diploma project in Norwegian or in English.


You are assigned a supervisor from the body of teachers and it is your responsibility to inform your supervisor about your diploma program/project description. You cannot claim a specific teacher. You may have one or more co-supervisors. A change of supervisor must be approved by the Head of Institute.

External supervision

AHO will give an economic grant for up to 10 hours per student for obtaining relevant academic expertise from outside of AHO.  You make the necessary arrangements yourself and a short term contact must be signed. When the assignment is over you hand in a timesheet and the contract to the Academic Services. Attach a copy of passport for international supervisors.

Number of attempts

You have three attempts to do the diploma.


If you want to withdraw from the diploma without using one of your three attempts you need to withdraw by December 1st (Fall semester) and May 1st (Spring semester). Give written notice to the Academic Services. If you withdraw after the deadline, it will count as an exam attempt.
If you withdraw, you must write a new program/project description.

Illness/deferred submission/presentation

If you fall ill during the diploma semester, you may be granted deferred submission / presentation of your diploma project. Upon delayed submission / presentation you will be censored along with the next semester's students. Even if you are granted a new postponed deadline due to documented illness, you may choose submit at the ordinary deadline. A diploma project cannot exceed two semesters.

In case of illness in a group project, all members will get the deferral.

Deferred submission applies only to illness for more than 3 days and you must submit a doctor’s note to the Academic Services no later than 7 days after the illness occured. The doctor’s note must contain from-and-to-date of the illness and percentage grading of work ability.

Confidential project

A closed review can under very specific circumstances be granted by application, if the project contains sensitive data and/or is a collaboration with a company and therefore needs to be treated confidential.

Theoretical project

The school allows theoretical projects.

Submission of diploma project

You cannot develop your project any further after submitting you project in December/May. You may however continue working on how to convey your project through preparing for the presentation and the exhibition. 

Submission for Master in Design:

1. In the middle of December/May you submit:
  • Digital report  (The report must show the complete project and contain reflections on finished result. You may have links to webpages with prototypes and videos)

2. When mounting the project, you submit:

  • 2 copies of physical report
  • Models, digital prototypes, films, digital presentation-files, posters, exhibition material or other. 
  • Digital presentation 

Submission for Master of Architecture and International Master of Landscape Architecture:

1. In the middle of December/May you submit:

  • Diploma program
  • Abstract of 1-4 A4 pages with text/photo/illustrations 
  • Main models
  • Digital posters ready for plotting  
  • Theoretical project: digital file of your paper

2. When mounting the project, you submit: 

  • Sketch books, sketch models, process material, exhibition material etc. 
  • Digital presentation
  • Plotted posters
  • Theoretical project: 2 printed copies of your thesis

Help from others

The diploma project is an independent task. If you buy help, either professionally or privately, to build models, do rendering, 3D printing etc., you must report this when you submit by using the form Help from others.

Presentation and Review

You must prepare a digital presentation of your project. This presentation is part of the assessment and must be submitted before the reviews start.
You will present the project in an open review with external examiners and audience present within a given timeframe: Single project 20 minutes, group projects 30 minutes. You present first, then the examiners will ask questions and give their comments.  


  • Accepted file formats: Pdf., mp3, mp4.
  • Maximum file size is 900 MB. 
  • Zip-files are not allowed.
  • The files must be named correctly:
    • Diploma Report_Ola_Hansen.pdf/Abstract_Ola_Hansen.pdf 
  • For plotting, you can only use paper purchased in the reception at AHO.


You are assessed on the submitted material, conveyed through presentation and exhibited project.


The grading scale is: «Pass/Fail». The result is published in Studentweb. 

Written evaluation

The examiners will write a written evaluation shortly after the reviews. The evaluations will be sent to the students digitally.

Mount and exhibit project

You mount the project yourself on an assigned spot and within a given timeframe. During the reviews the audience may view the projects, but the public exhibition will open after the reviews and assessment are finished.
Dimensions for the exhibition boards for architecture and landscape architecture is 3,6 m x 2,4 m per student. Design students get one table each. 

If you need screens, computers or other technical devices in the exhibition, you must notify the IT-department well ahead.  


In case of fail, the student will be invited to an informal meeting with the Head of Institute, student advisor and supervisor present.
You must write a new program/project description in order to start again. You have three attempts on the diploma exam.

Diploma Ceremony

The semester closes with a diploma ceremony where diplomas are handed out.


If you want to appeal against the grade, a written appeal must be sent to the Academic Services within 3 weeks, see UH-regulations § 5-3.

Usage, archiving and publishing of diplomas

AHO reserves the right to use the diploma projects on for marketing purposes. AHO is obliged to archive all passed diplomas and uses the institutional archive ADORA for this purpose. All projects are made public, unless the thesis is confidential or the student has not consented to publication. These projects are archived in ADORA, but are not made public. Printed diplomas are registered in the library's collection and lent out.

Explanation of grading / Grade appeal

To request an explanation of grade please fill in the online form.
If you wish to appeal your grade, please use the online form to submit an appeal against grades.

If you have requested an explanation of the grading, the deadline to appeal is 3 weeks after you received the explanation.

If you wish to appeal against the grade on a group project or group examination, all the students who were graded in the project must agree and appeal jointly.

The appeal is handled by an Appeal Committee consisting of an external and an internal examiner. The committee makes its evaluations without knowledge of evaluation or grade.

The appeal committee can decide to move the grade up or down. The decision of the appeal committee is final and cannot be appealed.
Appeal procedure

Postponed submission due to illness

Students who fall ill may have a right to postponed submission for a shorter or longer period of time. This must be documented by a medical certificate.

The medical certificate must specify the extent of the absence in percent, and which period it is valid for.

The medical certificate must be handed in to Academic Services before the submission deadline and no later than 7 days after the illness started.

To be entitled to postponed submission, the absence due to illness must exceed 3 days.

Publishing agreement diploma