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Course literature and Leganto

Course literature and Leganto

Reading lists at AHO  are edited and published in Leganto. Leganto is available through Moodle. Course coordinators must be registered on the course in FS to get access to editing reading lists.

Leganto for students 

  • Access the reading lists through Moodle or by searching for the course code, title, or instructor in Leganto. 
  • Note that you must login with Feide for access to rights cleared materials. 
  • Course books are available for 1 week loan and physical books are marked with white tape. 

Leganto for tutors / course coordinators 

You must be registered on the course in Fagpersonweb / Fellesstundetsystem (FS) in order to edit your lists in Leganto. The Academic services are responsible for coding courses in FS. The link to the Leganto reading lists are imported into Moodle. You may use the link from the course room in Moodle or search for courses in Leganto (course code, title, tutor/instructor).  

When done, please send the reading lists to the library for completion (purchase, rights clearance, marking). 

If the lists contain book chapters and articles it may take up to 14 days for right to use is cleared according to the Kopinor-agreement. The rights are cleared in Bolk and files have to be marked with a text that declares the rights. AHO pays for the use over the 15% that is included in the Kopinor-agreement.