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Rethinking the Architecture Board

Credits: 6
Person in charge: Ingrid Lønningdal

Course content 
This is a course in free-hand drawing where we use the architecture board as a starting point: within the board two-dimensional and formal aspects from drawing meet with architectonic issues and the mediation of those. In architectural competitions and in presentations of existing buildings the architecture board plays a central role in communicating the idea and the reality. In this advanced class we investigate existing visual material and look at different approaches to the architecture board. We will study the board as a whole and will also look into the various elements it consists of (images in particular). Our goal is to unveil the different strategies and techniques within this format, to develop drawing techniques that express architectonic ideas, and to acquaint ourselves with tools for visual analysis. 
Our investigation of the architecture board will use different approaches, primarily through practical work – free-hand drawing. What happens when hyper realistic renderings are studied through pencil drawing? How does the meaning change when the same motif is expressed through different drawing techniques? What meaning lies in different materials, and what significance do format and composition have? 

The class has a practical approach, and free hand drawing, discussions and presentations are central components in the course. The class also introduces relevant artist practices, that among other things discuss the representation of architecture, and the use of photography as a starting point in the production of images. 

Learning outcome
On completing the class, the students will have:
  • improved their knowledge about architecture representation
  • knowledge about and experience in working with image analysis
  • developed their free hand drawing skills
  • developed their language in describing and discussing their own and others’ works/processes 

Working and learning activites 
The content of the class spans from practical work (drawing) to lectures, studio visits, film, discussion, student presentations and a self-defined project.