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Studio TAP – The Architectural Project

Credits: 24p
Teachers: Beate Hølmebakk and Chris Johan Engh

the_architectural_project_cropped_0.jpgStudio TAP runs master's courses in building design. The courses provide for individual work, often also with individual task formulations. The course that takes place in the autumn semester is called ‘Building in life’. Here, investigations of the building programme’s architectural potential forms the basis for the students' work. The course that takes place in the spring semester is called ‘Building in landscape’. Here, it is investigations of the architectural possibilities arising from the site’s qualities and local characteristics that determine the conditions for the work. The courses have in common that the teaching places emphasis on the development of conceptual clarity, structural logic and architectural form.

In studio TAP, the emphasis is placed on discussing student work, not only with regard to building quality, but also with regard to the projects' ability to convey architectural intent. In this way, the value basis for the studio is in line with the American architect Peter Eisenmann's distinction between project and practice: Within architectural practice, it is the world that defines what the architect is. Within the architectural project, it is the architect who defines what the world is.

We believe that works in the field of architecture, both buildings and projects, that contribute to safeguarding and developing the discipline in an intelligent, responsible and meaningful way, belong to the building art.