Jonas Aalberg

Diploma project

Industrial Design
Spring 2016
Institute of Design

Geir Øxseth

Music has a remarkable effect on us humans. Music touches our emotions, makes us feel different. In seconds, the right music can change our mood and impact our behaviour. But the right music has low value, unless it is provided correctly.

MODA is a self-driven series of integrated speaker systems tailored to fit different occasions and surroundings. By focussing on how to apply sound in an ergonomic way, MODA speaker systems provide a comfortable and rich sound atmosphere for public environments. Visually, the speaker systems are shaped with the intention of providing a natural resting place. Wrapped in warm and organic materials, MODA blend easily into an accommodating environment. Both visual appearance and musical output are designed to enable customization for different client profiles and needs.

MODA is designed for and in partnership with Audiomoda. 

Collaborators: ATMO Select, SEAS and Kvadrat 


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