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Matthew Anderson

Assistant Professor

Institute of Architecture

Matthew Dylan Anderson (b.1982) is assistant professor at the Institute of Architecture, unit/field Building Art. He is co-responsible for the master studio Studio Positions.
Studio course series:
Radical Architecture #4: Circumstantial structures / constructed circumstances - S2023
Radical Architecture #3: COMMUNITY - A2022
Radical Architecture II: WORKS + WORDS - S2022
Radical Architecture I: EVOLVER - A2021
Coexistence IV: LOVE - S2021
Coexistence III: Reproduction - A2020
Coexistence II: How will we live together? - S2020
Coexistence I: An Animal Sanctuary - A2019

Through teaching, research and architectural practice, Matthew investigates how concepts and knowledge from interdisciplinary environmental humanities can be applied in architecture.

Matthew has taught at AHO since 2016, and internationally through workshops at Ion Mincu University of Architecture, Bucharest - Positions: Letters from Bucharest (Europe in Transition: Bucharest Case), the Oslo Architecture Triennale Academy - Untold Stories (kind architecture), the Taliesin School of Architecture, Scottsdale, Arizona - Peripheral Tales, and the University of Ghent, Belgium - Shifting Positions. Studio Positions was exhibited at Chez Etym.: site (n.)  as part of 2018 Architecture Fringe, Glasgow, Scotland.

Matthew's research explores interconnected theory and practice, and is published/presented through:
- Place-based Sustainability through Cambridge Scholars Publishing
'Unbuilt Land Revisited', with Sareh Saeidi
- Chez Etym. through the Australasian Students of Architecture Congress - OCCUPY
'Peripheral Tales', with Lisbeth Funck
'Unbuilt Land Revisited', with Sareh Saeidi
- The 5th International Conference on Structures and Architecture/ICSA 2022
'Composite Adaptation: A holistic structural and architectural approach to small-scale building adaptation in cities'
- ROM for kunst og arkitektur/SAFE SPACE COLLECTIVE
'A Manifesto for Kind Architecture', with Sareh Saeidi and Erik Eikehaug

Matthew is director of Steinlia - an architectural practice. The practice has specialised in the transformation of houses entangled in their ecological and temporal contexts, with completed and published works in Australia, England and Norway. Work has been exhibited/presented at the 5th International Conference on Structures and Architecture/ICSA (2022), UNBUILT HOUSE - Oslo Architecture Triennale (2019), and History in Practice - Oslo Architects' Association (2019).

Matthew has a Master of Architecture from AHO (2012), and Bachelor of Design Studies from the University of Queensland (2002).


  • Architecture & Culture
  • Design in Practise
  • Materials, Structure & Ecology
  • Practise