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GK2 Introduksjon til arkitektur

Full course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
GK2 Introduksjon til arkitektur
Course code: 
80 121
Level of study: 
Teaching semester: 
2016 Spring
Language of instruction: 
Required prerequisite knowledge

Det kreves ingen forkunnskaper utover opptakskrav i studieprogrammet.

Course content

The course starts January 12th and ends june 12th 2014.
The course is a continuation of GK1. The students will continue in two studios, however teaching, tasks and schedule will be the same for both studios. There will be three half time teachers for each studio in addition the teachers of free hand drawing and digital design. The main objective of the course is to give the students experience with the different working methods within the discipline of architecture. The main activity of the course is studio based, project specific design work.

Learning outcome

At the end of the course the student should have:
Knowledge of the design process
Thorough understanding of working methods, disciplinary routines and communication forms
Command of the computer aided design programs
solid experience with free hand drawing as an analytical tool

Working and learning activities

The course will focus on design tasks where the students will mainly work individually.
The teaching will mainly be in the form of weekly tutoring, pin-ups, lectures and seminars. Reviews where the students are expected to present individual proposals and design work for it to be discussed in the class forum constitutes an important pedagogical element.
The course makes use of the digital learning platform Moodle for communication about schedule and program.

Presence required
Not required
Obligatoriske arbeidskrav:
Presence required:Not required
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Form of assessment:Other assessment method, define in comment field
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