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GK3 Architecture and Design history 2

Full course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
GK3 Architecture and Design history 2
Course code: 
80 130
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Teaching semester: 
2014 Autumn
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Required prerequisite knowledge

Passed first year

Course content

The course gives an introduction to architectural history, design history and art history from ca 1850 until today

Learning outcome

The students will gain knowledge of main works, tendencies and periods in modern architecture, design and art history. They will learn to recognize architectural works and design products from the period, and to analyze them with respect to use, construction, material and historical context.

Working and learning activities

Lectures, student presentations and reviews.

Presence required
Not required
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Presence required:Not required
Workload activity
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Workload activity:Curriculum
Workload activity:Lectures
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