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Type of agreement: Erasmus +
Level of studies: Master
Responsible: AHO, Institute of Architecture


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The number of places available



Language of instruction: English
Lund University doesn’t require any official documentation such as a TOEFL or IELTS  test result for incoming exchange students. However, exchange students must have a high English proficiency in order to succeed with their academic studies at Lund University - a level equivalent to the requirements for International Master students in Sweden is recommended.
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What courses can I take?

The titles and content of the courses for each semester may change from year to year.
You must follow a full time study plan of 30 credits each semester during the exchange period. You are allowed to combine courses freely from the different engineering programmes. It is your responsibility to check and verify the specific requirements for each course and prepare your schedule.
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What is the duration of the semester?

The academic year at LTH is divided into two semesters of approximately 20 weeks each. For most educational programmes, each semester is divided into two study periods. Please note that a course might run over two study periods. For students at the School of Architecture and the School of Industrial Design, the semester is not divided into study periods.
See Lund University's academic calendar for specified dates


Lund is a small university city with a limited amount of accommodation and many students that are looking for housing at the same time. Make sure to look for accommodation in several different ways. We strongly recommend that you have your accommodation sorted out before your arrival.
LU Accommodation provides accommodation for international students and will do their utmost to help you but cannot guarantee all students a room.
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What does it cost? 

As an exchange student you pay only the AHO semester fee. 

Who can apply? 

Architecture students who are in their 6th, 7th or 8th semester at the time of application.

How to apply?

Apply for exchange studies through AHO by 1 February / 15 September through the application form found here
If you are nominated for exchange, you will receive information about application procedures and can apply for exchange studies at the Faculty of Engineering LTH, Lund University.
Read more about the application procedure
Portfolio requirements

The host institution application periods

Autumn semester and full academic year: April 1 -  April 25
Spring semester: October  1 - October 25

Further questions? 

Do not hesitate to contact international-office@aho.no​.
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Country: Sweden
City: Lund

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