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Universidade do Porto

Universidade do Porto

Type of agreement: Erasmus +
Level of studies: Master
Agreement owner: AHO, Institute of Architecture

Number of places available



Host institution contacts: international@reit.up.pt, (+351) 220 408 041


Language of instruction: Officially Portuguese. Tutorial support in English to students that request it and whenever possible. Some teachers may allow students to write assignments and take exams in other languages, namely in English, but this can only be agreed upon arrival in each individual case. No mandatory language requirements.

What courses can I take?

The titles and content of the courses for each semester may change from year to year.
Look into the Course Catalogue

What is the duration of the semester?

1st semester: beginning of September – beginning of February
2nd semester: Beginning of February – End of July
Please keep in mind that Academic calendar may vary slightly from year to year. 
See specified dated in the U. Porto Academic Calendar


U.Porto guarantees assistance throughout the process of securing housing, whether at a university residence or a private home.  The University reserves a number of rooms in residence halls for students attending its faculties as part of an exchange programme. It is also possible to find affordable options on the private marked.
Contact the U.Porto International Office for support during the process of securing housing in the city.
Read more about accommodation

What does it cost? 

As an exchange student you pay only the AHO semester fee. 

Who can apply? 

Architecture students who are in their 6th, 7th or 8th semester at the time of application.

How to apply?

Apply for exchange studies through AHO by 1 February / 15 September through the application form found here

If you are nominated, you must submit an online application to U. Porto
Read about the application procedure.

The host institution application periods

1st semester and full academic year: May 15 (results announced during June)
2nd semester: October 15 (results announced during November)

Further questions? 

Do not hesitate to contact international-office@aho.no.
About the university
Country: Portugal
City:  Porto