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Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture and Design

Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture and Design

Type of agreement: Erasmus +
Level of studies: Master
Responsible: AHO, Institute of Architecture


Host institution contacts:
International Relations Office, international@vda.lt
Head: Lina Košeleva, lina.koseleva@vda.lt
Coordinator Elena Orlovienė, elena.orlovienė@vda.lt

Number of places available



Language of instruction: Lithuanian, English
The main language of instruction is Lithuanian. Individual tutorials might be available in English depending on the particular study department. There is also a range of available optional courses for exchange students, which are taught entirely in English. Exchange students have the possibility to combine their study plan from the list of optional subjects in English and the list of available study programme subjects within particular departments. Normally, the lectures in the departments are carried out in Lithuanian. However, as much of the study process is based on individual work, especially in MA level, exchange students might get individual instructions in English from assigned professors.

Which courses can I take?

The titles and content of the courses for each semester may change from year to year.
Read about the courses for exchange students.

What is the duration of each semester?

Autumn semester: September – middle of January, the second half of January is left for theory exams
Spring Semester: February – middle of May, the second half of May and the beginning of June is left for theory exams
Read more about important dates in the host institution's academic calendar.


Limited amount of places in the student dormitory is available for incoming exchange students and international full-time students of Vilnius Academy of Arts only. Information about availability will be provided by the VAA International Relations Office.
Read more about accommodation.

What does it cost? 

As an exchange student you pay only the AHO semester fee. 

Who can apply? 

Architecture students who are in their 6th, 7th or 8th semester at the time of application (last semester of foundation studies or first semester of master level) 

How to apply?

Apply for exchange studies through AHO by 1 February / 15 September through the application form found here.
If you are nominated for exchange, submit your application to the partner institution through their online form.
Read more about the application and documentation required.

If digital portfolios or links to them are not available, the portfolios can be sent directly to the VAA International Relations Office by email or regular post. The documents can be sent by home university officials or directly by the students.

The host institution application deadlines

15th of May for the autumn semester and whole Academic Year
15th of November for the spring semester

Further questions? 

Do not hesitate to contact international-office@aho.no.
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Country: Lithuania
City: Vilnius