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AHO Represented at Why Oslo 2022

Photo: Aurora Torres Heyerdahl

AHO Represented at Why Oslo 2022

Wednesday the 2nd of November the Governing Mayor of Oslo, Raymond Johansen invited international students to the Oslo City Hall.

300 students attended, from AHO, BI Norwegian Business School, OsloMet and UiO. The students were invited to partake in a survey prior to the event shedding light on how it is to be a student in Oslo. 

The afternoon kicked off with greetings from the Governing Mayor, food, and drinks in an upstairs dining area with portraits of the Royal family, and a great view of Oslo Harbour. After which the event continued in the Town Hall Proper, known from the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony. 

The results from the survey were presented to the participants, speeches were given, and the students had a workshop summing up challenges and positives that they presented to the Governing Mayor.

We are very pleased that AHO’s new rector addressed the students. Irene Alma Lønning held a speech reflecting on how moving to a different country and culture has positives and challenges both as a student, but also as a working person.

Our own student Tetiana Dubovenko was asked by representatives from the City Hall to address the topic: “How to make friends in Norway”. Tetiana, being one of our Ukrainian students, illuminated wonderfully how paramount friends are when life as you know it changes drastically.

“It is important to start making friends in the summer, so you won't feel lonely in the winter. It is like in agriculture, you need to plant seeds first before you can harvest them “

AHO continually works on our Internationalisation Strategy, and hence are proud to have been part of the Why Oslo event.