Custom Made in Hong Kong

Custom Made in Hong Kong

Custom Made – Naturalizing Tradition refers to the interplay between convention and customization in Norwegian architecture and urban development.

The exhibition is conceptualized around the central elements constituting architecture: The Wall and The Book. The Wall shows architecture as built within a school of thought. The Book shows architecture as written and represented, referring to how architecture is understood, discussed and legitimized. This dichotomy can be defined as respectively “the tradition of production”, meaning architectural practice, and “the production of tradition”, referring to architectural debates and discourses. Custom Made is not about projecting a new canon onto Norwegian architecture and urban development. It is about proliferation and multitude. This exhibition exposes the ecology of architectural culture in Norway, not as a singular and unanimous tradition, but as a collection of customized precedents, both the built and the written ones.
Curators: Halvor Weider Ellefsen, Mirza Mujezinovic, Shi Yang

Exhibition ends on March 2nd, 2016.

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