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Design students win three prestigious awards

Design students win three prestigious awards

The AHO design students Åse Lilly Salamonsen, Kristoffer Steen Langvik and Johanna Sofie Brämersson won 3 out of 5 awards at the 2019 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition.

Åse Lilly Salamonsen won First Place ($3,000) for her project "Nest Bed", modular bed system for refugee camps.
“This was a contender for the Sustainable Design Award but we felt this student’s idea deserved First Place,” said judge David Asher, process optimization manager for Bonnell Aluminum.

Kristoffer Steen Langvik won Third Place ($1,000) for his project "Loft", a lifting equipment for use in sea rescues.
“Refugees traveling at sea, as well as the people volunteering to save them, are faced with huge dangers. Equipment that is lightweight, robust, and versatile may help in these difficult situations.”

Johanna Sofie Brämersson won the Bonnell Sustainable Design Challenge $2,500.00 Scholarship for her project "Space-Saving Greenhouse". 
"The 6063 aluminum alloy gives provides high resistance against all kinds of weather and doesn’t corrode much, which gives it a long service life and a low environmental impact,”

AHO sends our warmest congratulations!