European Steel Design Award 2019 to Espen Surnevik

Espen Surnevik, nummer tre fra høyre.

European Steel Design Award 2019 to Espen Surnevik

The professor in architecture at AHO Espen Surnevik received the prestigious "European Steel Design Award 2019" on Monday, October 14th. in Brüssels.

He received the «Excellence Award» for his  PAN-project (2016-2108). The jury had short-listed 12 nominees, all within the very best of European steel design. 

PAN-prosject wa developed by; Kristian Rostad og Christine Mowinckel (PAN-tretopphytter), the constructions by professor-II Finn-Erik Nilsen. The steel workshop ARMEC constructed the cabins together with Terje Nymoen.


- As an architect it is of great joy, an honor, that a small Norwegian project stands out in competition with big European projects of highest standards. (Espen Surnevik)

Photo: ​Anne Bråtveit

More info about ECCS - European Convention for Constructal Steelwork:

The 12 nominees (pdf)