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Experiments between aesthetic and ecology

Experiments between aesthetic and ecology

AHO and UiT students together in a workshop at UiTs research facility at Ramfjordmoen this September.

Second year students and fourth year students in the landscape architecture programme at AHO and UiT met earlier in September for a workshop. The workshop's main aim was to strengthen the ability to combine aesthetic and ecological objectives in a landscape transformation – to see the landscape simultaneously as a spatial and material entity available to the senses and as a dynamic ecological system.
In addition, the workshop gave the students an insight into “landscape laboratory thinking” – the use of one-site experiments in landscape architectural education and research.
The workshop assignment proposes interventions that will restrict the dominance of Crowberry and support other plant species belonging to the existing ecosystem. Interventions that simultaneously have the capacity to enhance existing aesthetic qualities found in the landscape or introduce new aesthetic qualities complementing the existing ones.