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My Pocket Coordinator project won iF Design Talent Award

My Pocket Coordinator project won iF Design Talent Award

Last semester in the module course "the Service Ecosystem Design" led by Josina Vink, students Åse Lilly, Lisa, Francesca and Silvia created the project My Pocket Coordinator. The project has now gone on to be one of the winners of the iF Design Talent Award 2022. 

Students about the project: 
My Pocket Coordinator is a physical booklet and a digital platform for next of kin when facing the challenge of a loved one returning home after rehabilitation in a specialized hospital. Five activities facilitated by both hospital and municipality aim to prepare for a new reality. Next of kin provide approximately 50% of all care in Norwegian homes, making them very important. Also, the well-being of a carer will influence the degree of improvement of a patient, and vice versa. Our proposal aspires to prioritize next of kin, letting their voices be heard and attending to their needs along a challenging path.

iF Design Talent Award  jury statement 
This design tackles a question that is often neglected in healthcare: who cares for the carer? By investing resources in supporting next of kin, this product may significantly reduce the chance of burnout and sick leave from work. 

The iF Design Talent Award is one of the most important design prizes for students from all over the world, with about 10,000 submissions each year.

Watch a presentation of the project: 

Lisa Siegel
Åse Lilly Salamonsen
Silvia Lesoil
Francesca Masnaghetti