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Planning the Norwegian Mountain village

Planning the Norwegian Mountain village

On Friday 14 October Jørgen Tandberg, Andreas Kalstveit and Emma Moberg will give a lecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano) titled «Planning the Norwegian Mountain village». 

The lecture is part of a seminar arranged by Politecnico on second home development in Norway and Italy. 

Andreas, Jørgen and Emma will talk about their studio, the case of Beitostølen, and their recent publication in the AHO Projects series: AHO Projects #2 Beitostølen. This is a part of their master course at AHO "Urban Design: Bærekraftig stedsutvikling". 

The AHO projects series is a collaboration between the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape and the Institute of Architecture. 

The publication series showcases work carried out by the AHO Urban Design Lab. A lab taking the work from the master courses into a publication that aims to raise awareness about specific sustainability issues in architecture and urban planning.