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Digital Introspection

Carl Magnus Traberg

Diploma project

Autumn 2023
Institute of Design

Mosse Sjaastad
Digital introspection is an explorative interaction design project exploring new ways of contextualizing screen usage, disconnecting, and preserving introspective mind-states such as mind-wandering and daydreaming, in the context of the smartphone.
The project consists of three main scenarios: My screen time doesn’t understand me, Taming your device and Quantified self for introspection. The scenarios display a breadth of possibilities and new opportunities for how we define our relationship to our devices, as well as offering a new perspective on what healthy usage is.


My screen time doesn’t understand me, is a concept for contextualizing screen usage in a meaningful way, looking at your overall behavior on your device. The concept analyzes not what you look at, but how you look at it and provides feedback and suggested tools accordingly. The tool can also notify you if your habits are changing, aiming to make abstract changes over time tangible.


Taming your device is a concept for grouping all tools related to digital wellbeing in one place. Tools can include system settings, but also more advanced tools such as anti-doom scroll tools or thinking helpers such as nudging, simple mode or the zone tool. The concept addresses the need for more variety in tools to manage your device and usage, seeking to lower the threshold for adjusting your device to fit your needs.

Quantified self for introspection is a speculative concept for tracking your introspective thinking time, looking at how your phone can adapt to support it.

Carl Magnus Traberg / carltra.no