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About the programme

AHO offers a single PhD qualification that fulfills the grounds for the award of an academic Doctor of Philosophy. The PhD is examined by a committee of three peers based on the assessment of:

  • a document of record (the “thesis”)
  • an aural examination (disputas)
  • a trial lecture

We supervise PhD projects in all aspects of design, history and theory of architecture, preservation, architecture and its technologies, urbanism and landscape studies.


AHO usually has an intake of  four internally funded PhD candidates per year. We take up externally funded candidates (via industry, research grants and government schemes). The year group starts each September.

AHO offers three year stipends with a possible extra year of institutional commitment

AHO offers formal doctoral education (the Research School) with 30 ects compulsory PhD courses together with 15 ects examined through PhD project work.


The AHO PhD Programme was grounded in 1992 as part of a strategy to build AHO into a mature research institution. This strategy has been served by:

  • research faculty recruitment
  • the initiation of research centres
  • development of existing faculty with research potential
  • creating the Research School – a foundation course to PhD students tailored to AHO’s context
  • working to develop architecture, urbanism, landscape and design as recognized research disciplines within the social sciences and humanities.

Today AHO supports PhDs through the Research School and via its structure of four focused research centres. AHO has internationally recognized staff leading research in all four areas and is seeing growth in external grant funding effecting PhDs. Particular areas of development are the growth in industrially funded PhDs in design and architecture, and PhDs recruited within externally funded higher research project across all areas.

Learning outcome 

The candidate ...
  • is in the forefront of knowledge within his/her academic field and masters the field´s philosophy of science and/or artistic issues and methods
  • can evaluate the expediency and application of different methods and processes in research and scholarly and/or artistic development projects
  • can contribute to the development of new knowledge, new theories, methods, interpretations and forms of documentation in the field
The candidate ...
  • can formulate problems, plan and carry out research and scholarly and/or artistic development work
  • can carry out research and scholarly and/or artistic research work of a high international standard
  • can handle complex academic issues and challenge established knowledge and practice in the field
General competence
The candidate ...
  • can identify new relevant ethical issues and carry out his/her research with scholarly integrity
  • can manage complex interdisciplinary assignments and projects
  • can communicate research and development work through recognized Norwegian and international channels
  • can participate in debates in the field in international forums
  • can assess the need for, initiate and practice innovation

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Chair of PhD programme:
Tim Ainsworth Anstey

PhD Programme Administrator:
Reier Møll Schoder Reier Møll Schoder  /
+47 22 99 70 11