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Awarded disputations and doctoral theses

Awarded disputations and doctoral theses

Below is a list of awarded disputations and doctoral theses at AHO. Upcoming disputations are announced in the calendar.







135.   06.06.20024   Hugh Strange Architecture at the Building Site Challenging the Separation between Design and Construction   128
134.   03.05.2024   Elisabeth Sjödahl Deep landscape   127
133.   17.04.2024   Hannes Zander A Landscape Approach. Reading a Geographic Context Through Multiple Dimensions: The Case of the Hexi Corridor Region in China’s Northwestern Gansu Province   125.
132.    08.04.2024   Synne Frydenberg Cultivating Serendipity in Design Complexity. Exploring Designs of Augmented Reality Technologies for Ship Bridges   126.
131.   19.03.2024   Mara Trübenbach Material Dramaturgy: Tracing Trails of Dust in the Architectural Design Process.   124.
130.    01.03.2024   Zhipeng Duan Soiling Service Design: Situating professional designing among plural practices   123.
129.       Yue Zou     122.
128.       Jomy Joseph     121.
127.   09.12.2022   Morgan Ip Urban Futures in the North - A Collective Imagination of an Arctic Borderland   120.
126.   16.12.2022   Cao Qing The Banwan Project, from experiment to model?   119.
125.   21.10.2022   Eimear Tynan  Tempo-materialities : encounters with time along Arctic island coasts   118.
124.   22.08.2022   Maryia Rusak Factory-made : the everyday architecture of Moelven brug, 1955-1973   117.
123.   24.06.2022   Anne-Kristine Kronborg Å reise noe nytt og bedre : om arkitektur og politikk 1935–1940   116.
122.   08.04.2022   Lisbeth Funck Becoming with Architecture   115.
121.   10.12.2021   Jonathan Romm Inside Healthcare Design Labs - Exploring the practice of healthcare service design in the context of embedded service design labs   114.
120.   24.09.2021   Collins Sasakah Makunda Urban Habitat Transformation and the African Middle Class : The Case of Kileleshwa, Nairobi, Kenya   113.
119.   29.06.2021   Ute Groba Timber tales : a qualitative study of timber  materiality in housing projects   112.
118.   14.06.2021   Ted Matthews Exploring sacred service design   111.
117.   09.06.2021   Sverre Bjerkeseth Hello, stranger? Urban public space between interaction and attraction.   110.
116.   10.05.2021   Claire Dennington Refashioning Service Design. Designing for popular cultural service experience.   109.
115.   09.04.2021   Bin Li Trans-alpine landscapes : Transecting a Chinese high mountain in transition   108.
114.   03.02.2021   Guttorm Ruud Sites of crisis : histories of the satellite town   107.
113.   11.12.2020   Kjerstin Uhre The perforated landscape : a study on contested prospects in Sápmi   106.
112.   04.12.2020   Marcin Wojcik Reframing wood construction : innovation in architecture through activating material properties with the use of digital technologies   105.
111.   14.10.2020   Bruce Snaddon Learning for future knowing now : investigating transformative pedagogic processes within a design faculty in a South African university of technology   102.
110.   11.09.2020   Mathilde Simonsen Dahl Bislettbekken og byens fysiognomi : Kristianiaprovisorier omkring 1900   104.
109.   24.06.2020   Sareh Saeidi Derakhshi Inhabiting the architectural envelope. A Design-based Research on Redefining the Climatic and Atmospheric Performances of Architectural Envelop   103.
108.   16.06.2020   Frida Almqvist Service design in the later phases: Exploring user insights, handovers, and service design roadmapping in the transition from service concept to implemented service   101.
107.   05.06.2020   Manuela Aguirre Ulloa Transforming public organizations into co-designing cultures : a study of capacity-building programs as learning ecosystems   100.
106.   23.08.2019   Etienne Gernez Human-centered, collaborative, field-driven ship design : implementing field studies for the desing of ships in operation   98.
105.   14.06.2019   Jan Fredrik Schønheyder Method development for the design of safety-critical systems. The space between design research and professional design practice   97.
104.   12.06.2019   William Lavatelli Kempton Unpacking Making – A Product Design Critique on Emergent Uses of Additive Manufacturing   96.
103.   20.06.2018   Iver Tangen Stensrud  The magazine and the city : architecture, urban life and the illustrated press in nineteenth-century Christiania   94.
102.   02.03.2018   Inger-Marie Hølmebakk Fra uro til utvikling. Universell utforming som linse for studiet av arkitektpraksis som læringsarena   93.
101.   01.12.2017   Mathilde Sprovin Tegneskolen i Christiania – en nasjonal arkitekturutdannelse tar form   92.
100.   03.11.2017   Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel Convergence. Materials Adaptation and Informatics in Architecture   91.
99.   23.08.2017   Barbro Grude Eikseth Arkitekter i emning. Profesjonsforståelser og brukerperspektiver i norsk arkitektutdanning 2009–2012   85.
98.   23.06.2017   Christian Parreno Boredom as Space: Episodes of Modern Architecture   88.
97.   22.06.2017   Mauricy Alves Motta de Filho Designing for Brand Experience. Operationalizing a Service Dominant Logic Approach to Branding through Service Design   89.
96.   16.05.2017   Charlotte Blanche Myrvold PUBLIC ART: URBAN LEARNING   90.
95.   15.05.2017   Anna Svingen-Austestad Questions… Concerning the Production of Subjectivity – On Aesthetic Practices in Art, Craft and Design Studies [Formgivingsfag]   83.
94.   17.03.2017   Halvor W. Ellefsen Urban Environments of the Entrepreneurial City   84.
93.   31.03.17   Noel J.O. Okello Our Way or the Highway? A Study of the Reframing of Transformed Road Transportation Infrastructure in the Nairobi Metropolitan Region   87.
92.   24.02.17   Alice Labadini Immaterial Landscapes. Formulating the Intangible in Northern Landscapes   86.
91.   02.12.2016   Mirza Mujezinović The Architecture of the Urban Project   80.
90.   07.11.2016   Nina Edwards Anker Mediating Sunlight: Sensing Solar Cells   76.
89.   26.08.2016   Natalie Hope O'Donnell Space as curatorial practice: the exhibition as a spatial construct.   82.
88.   07.06.2016   Edwin Oyaro Ondieki Tenement Housing in Nairobi. The Case of Lucky Summer (Pipeline) Settlement-Embakasi   81.
87.   26.02.2016   Tina Di Carlo The Construction of an Exhibition within Architecture Culture   79.
86.   12.02.2016   Snorre Hjelseth Simulation and Design   78.
85.   22.01.2016   Sigrun Lurås Systemic design in complex contexts. An enquiry through designing a ship’s bridge   77.
84.   17.11.2015   Anthony Rowe  Immersion in Mixed Reality Spaces   75.
83.   16.10.2015   Julia Dorothea Schlegel The gap between design and vision. Investigating the impact of high-end visualization on architectural practice.   71.
82.   06.10.2015   Einar Sneve Martinussen Pockets and Cities. Investigating and revealing the networked city through interaction design.   74.
81.   12.06.2015   Mark Mansfield Modernism and National Romanticism in the Work of Architect Magnus Poulsson (1881- 1958)   72.
80.     10.06.2015     Jørn G. S. Knutsen Products of the Networked City: Exploring and revealing the materials of networked and computational infrastructures   73.
79.   18.11.2014   Guro Voss Gabrielsen Groruddalen; Oslos vakreste verkebyll? Problemrepresentasjoner og stedsforståelser i Groruddalsatsingen   70.
78.   14.11.2014   Hans-Henrik Egede-Nissen                                       Autensitetens relevans: På sporet av et endret fokus for kulturminnevernet   69.
77.   12.06.2014   Timo Arnall Making Visible: Mediating the material of emerging technology   66.
76.   11.06.2014   Lise Amy Hansen Hansen, Lise Amy: Communicating Movement: Full-body movement as a design material for digital interaction   67.
75.   12.05.2014   Joseph S. Mukeku Mukeku, Joseph S. : Logic of Self-built Environment: Soweto East village, Kibera Slums, Nairobi Kenya   65.
74.   28.04.2014   Tomasz Estkowski Towards a Generative Design System Based on Evolutionary Computing   59.
73.   24.03.2014   Pavlina Lucas The Photographic Absolute. An Architectural Beginning   64.
72.   06.03.2014   Anders Ese Uncovering the Urban Unknown. Mapping methods in popular Settlements in Nairobi.   68.
71.   22.11.2013   Carl Mattias Ekman Edifices. Architecture and the Spatial Frameworks of Memory   63.
70.   15.08.2013   Joseph W. Kamenju Transformation of Kikuyu Traditional Architecture: Case study of homesteads in lower Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri, Kenya   62.
69.   27.06.2013   Simon Clatworthy Design support at the front end of the New Service Development (NSD) process. The role of touch-points and service personality in supporting team work and innovation processes   55.
68.   04.06.2013   Steinar Killi Designing for Additive Manufacturing: Perspectives from Product Design   58.
67.   07.05.2013   Fortunatus Bahendwa Urban form through residents' practices: The unconventional transformation processes in suburban areas in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania   60.
66.   22.03.2013   Even Smith Wergeland From utopia to reality : the motorway as a work of art   61.
65.   11.12.2012   Judith Gloppen Service Design Leadership. Shaping innovations at the intersection of design and strategic management   57.
64.   10.12.2012   Lene Basma Engaging Realities Diagrams and Architectural Practice   56.
63.   09.11.2012   Wenche Volle Munchs rom   54.
62.   27.02.2012   Lisbet Harboe Social Concerns in Contemproray Architecture. Three European Practices and their Works   53.
61.   02.12.2011   Eva Lutnæs Standpunktvurdering i grunnskolefaget Kunst og håndverk. Læreres forhandlingsrepertoar   52.
60.   23.11.2011   Målfrid Irene Hagen Cultural similarities and diversities of corporate art and architecture in Norway, USA, Japan and France. An exploratory and comparative study on corporate art collections and the architecture of corporate headquarters   51.
59.   01.11.2011   Biljana C. Fredriksen Negotiating Grasp. Embodied Experience with Three-dimensional Materials and the Negotiation of Meaning in Early Childhood Education   50.
58.   20.10.2011   Kjetil Nordby Between the Tag and the Screen. Redesigning Short-Range RFID as Design Material   49.
57.   22.12.2010   Jon Olav H. Eikenes Navimation. A sociocultural exploration of kinetic interface design   48.
56.   21.12.2010   Sarah Rosenbaum Improving the User Experience of Evidence   47.
55.   10.12.2010   Beata Sirowy Phenomenological Concepts in Architecture. Towards a User-Oriented Practice   46.
54.   29.11.2010   Erling Dokk Holm Coffee and the City. Towards a Soft Urbanity   45.
53.   15.10.2010   Ståle Stenslie Virtual touch. A study of the use and experience of touch in artistic, multimodal and computer-based environments   44.
52.   16.06.2010   Laila Belinda Fauske Arkitektur for grunnskolefaget Kunst og håndverk. Fagdidaktiske refleksjoner i kontekst   43.
51.   16.12.2009   Arne Magnus Johnsrød Microbial Patination of Copper and Brass. A study of colour pattern effects of controlled microbial patination   40.
50.   11.12.2009   Karen Brænne Mellom ord og handling. Om verdsetjing i kunst- og handverksfaget   41.
49.   04.12.2009   Johan Bettum The Material Geometry of Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites and Architectural Tectonics. Towards a New Paradigm of Synthesis in Architectural Design   42.
48.   04.11.2009   Ezekiel Z.M. Moshi Urban transformation: Changing building types in Kariakoo, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania   39.
47.   21.08.2009   Ingvild Digranes Den kulturelle skulesekken : narratives and myths of educational practice in DKS projects within the subject art and crafts   38.
46.   18.12.2008   Hilde Haslum Reading socio-spatial interplay   37.
45.   17.12.2008   Berit Ingebrethsen Metaforbasert tegning undersøkt som et bildespråksystem gjennom avistegninger av Finn Graff og Saul Steinberg med kognitiv metaforteori som hovedredskap   35.
44.   16.12.2008   Monika Hestad Den kommersielle formen: Merkevarekonteksten som utfordring for industridesignernes behandling av form   36.
43.   11.12.2008   Cyriacus Lwamayanga  Constancy and change - the living processes and skills in vernacular archictecture of Kagera region - Tanzania   34.
42.   10.12.2008   Lars Jacob Hvinden-Haug Den eldre barokken i Norge - bygningenes former og rommenes fordeling 1660-1733   33.
41.   21.11.2008   Elisabeth Seip Brødre og søstre i arkitekturen. Ingeniøroffiserer og sivilarkitekter i Norge rundt 1800   32.
40.   08.10.2007   Kari Bjørka Hodneland Room for Children's Participation? Reflections on Communicative Practice in an Educational Context   31.
39.   16.08.2007   Gro Lauvland Verk og vilkår. Christian Norberg-Schulz' stedsteori i et arkitekturfilosofisk perspektiv   30.
38.   08.06.2007   Guri Marie Steinsvik Bindepunkter for skapende virksomhet   29.
37.   22.03.2007   Janne Reitan Improvisation in tradition. A Study of Contemporary Vernacular Clothing Design Practiced by Iñupiaq Women of Kaktovik, North Alaska   28.
36.   02.03.2007   Tom Sanya Living in Earth. The Sustainability in Earth Architecture in Uganda   27.
35.   08.12.2006   Bendik Manum Apartment Layouts and Domestic Life; Interior Space and its Usability   26.
34.   01.12.2006   Marte Gulliksen Constructing a formbild. An inquiry into the dynamical and hierarchichal aspects of the hermeneutical filters controlling the formbild construction in design education situations   25.
33.   18.10.2006   Tom J. C. Anyamba Diverse Informalities: Spatial Transformations in Nairobi. A Study of Nairobi’s Urban Process   24.
32.   23.06.2006   Thomas McQuillan Edouard among the Machines. A discussion of Le Corbusier's technological agenda   23.
31.   16.06.2006   Ivar Holm Ideas and Beliefs in Architecture and Industrial design. How attitudes, orientations and underlying assumptions shape the built environment   22.
30.   02.06.2006   Margrethe Dobloug Bak verket. Kunnskapsfelt og formgenererende faktorer i nyttearkitektur 1935-1985   21.
29.   15.12.2005   Birger Sevaldson Developing Digital Design Techniques: Creative Design Computing   20.
28.   14.12.2005   Mari Lending Omkring 1900. Utkast til en norsk arkitektur-historisk topikk   19.
27.   09.12.2005   Mitra Hedman Learnscape. An investigation of the relationship between school architecture and its context   18.
26.   25.10.2005   Elin Børrud Bitvis byutvikling - møte mellom privat eiendoms-utvikling og offentlig byplanlegging   17.
25.   10.12.2004   Eirin Pedersen Mellan tecken, teckning, teori och text; aktteckning i ett kontextuellt, diskursivt och paradigmatiskt perspektiv   16.
24.   08.12.2004   Trygve Ask God norsk design : Konstitueringen av industridesign som profesjon i Norge   15.
23.   05.11.2004   Jan Capjon Trial-and-Error-based Innovation: Catalysing Shared Engagement in Design Conceptualisation   14.
22.   12.12.2003   Ingun Bruskeland Amundsen On Sacred Architecture and the Dzongs of Bhutan. Tradition and Transition in the Architectural History of the Himalayas   13.
21.   10.12.2003   Sture Kvarv Yrkesroller og fagideologiske brytninger i fysisk planlegging i Norge, 1920-1970   12.
20.   06.10.2003   Jon Guttu "DEN GODE BOLIGEN" - fagfolks oppfatning av boligkvalitet gjennom 50 år   11.
19.   06.06.2003   Jonny Aspen Byplanlegging som representasjon
- en analyse av Harald Hals' generalplan for Oslo av 1929
18.   29.11.2002   Ola Storsletten Takene taler. Norske takstoler 1100-1350, klassifisering og opprinnelse   10.
17.   22.11.2002   Hettie Pisters Landscape design and the challenge of nature   9.
16.   01.11.2002   Hanne Wilhjelm Barn og omgivelser - virkelighet med flere fortolkninger   8.
15.   20.12.2001   Jørgen Jensenius Trekirkene før stavkirkene. En undersøkelse av planlegging og design av kirker før ca. år 1100.   6.
14.   29.01.2001   Lars Roede Byen bytter byggeskikk . Christiania 1624-1814   5.
13.   27.04.2001   Hilde Aga Ulvestad Let us Learn to Dream, Gentlemen! En undersøkelse om forholdet mellom visuelt skapende arbeid og potensialet for læring   4.
12.   15.12.2000   Bjørn Sandaker Reflections on Span and Space. Towards a Theory of Criticism of Architectural Structures.   1.
11.   08.12.2000   Grete Refsum Genuine Christian Modern Art: Present Roman Catholic Directives on Visual Art from an Artist’s Perspective   3.
10.   26.06.2000   Liv Merete Nielsen Drawing and Spatial Representations. Reflections on Purposes for Art Education in the Compulsory School   2.
9.   10.12.1999   Anne Marit Vagstein Stedet det stemte rom: Sammenheng mellom sted og Arkitektur    
8.   10.12.1998   Inger-Lise Saglie Density and town planning: Implementing a densification policy    
7.   29.04.1998   Annika Haugen Uppvärmning och bevarande av medeltida stenkyrkor    
6.   27.09.1996   Elisabeth Tostrup Architecture and Rhetoric. Text and Design in Architectural Competitions, Oslo 1939-90    
5.   23.08.1996   Thorleif Skjønsberg The Flat Space    
4.   25.03.1995   Evelyn Anderson Det perfekte rom. En studie av sirkelen som form og fenomen i menneskets strukturering og forståelse av ”rom”    
3.   22.02.1994   Ole Møystad Architecture – the body of cognition. Notes for a Cognitive Aesthetics of Architectonic Environment    
2.   04.12.1987   Anne Brit Børve Hus og husgrupper i klimautsatte, kalde strøk. Utforming og virkemåte    
1.   27.09.1985   Raf de Saeger Wooden Architecture, Identity and Structure