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Parking housing: Inhabiting Sannergata 14

Maria Schrøder


Høst 2022
Institutt for arkitektur

Lisbeth Funck
Matthew Dylan Anderson
The project deals with housing for humans in a parking house structure: Sannergata 14.

Among the fundamental strategies for a green future in architecture is a commitment to discover hidden potential in what is already built. Parking houses above ground inside the central parts of Oslo are long on their way to becoming anachronisms as the private car is politically pushed out of the city center. The aim of this spatial investigation is to identify architectural quality, as a means to outweigh the alternative of demolition.


This project shakes the hierarchy of how buildings are valued, and takes one of the least obvious building structure seriously. Sannergata 14 can teach us enough to trace out a site-specific architecture, generated from history, suitable for life to unfold.


Maria Schrøder / maria@mariaschroder.no / mariaschroder.no