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The Design programme adopts a broad approach to design that emphasizes the relevance and importance of design within contemporary society.

There is a designerly approach at the core of the programme, in addition to attention to aesthetics, communication, and cultural contexts. We emphasize a strong cross-disciplinary design driven approach to ‘methods’ and processes, bringing together aesthetics and technology, creativity and design methods, culture and communication.

A designerly approach that includes aesthetics, and is geared to meet the challenges facing today’s society, can contribute to positive change and understanding, solve complex problems, and unveil new opportunities. Overall, the study programme educates adaptive, innovative, communicative design professionals, while developing a broadly integrated, cross-disciplinary approach to design processes.

The programme reflects the rapidly emerging fields of design, which respond to 
societal and cultural challenges, new technologies, and increased complexity. It promotes design that actively shapes our society, industry, organizations, and daily life. Moving beyond its traditional role, design is established as a tool with which to address a wide range of issues, ranging from strategy to social change. While historically the programme focused on Industrial Design, today its scope also includes Interaction Design and Service Design and Systems Oriented Design.

A strong emphasis is placed on the user in all design processes.Our perspective is that good design creates aesthetic and functional products, services, and experiences that delight and improve the lives of its users.

The Institute of Design