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Institute of Design

Institute of Design

The Institute of Design teaches, researches, and develops knowledge in the fields of industrial design, interaction design, service design and systems oriented design.

The Institute provides design education at a Foundation level and at the Master's and PhD levels, partially in collaboration with the other Institutes at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

The Institute’s research centre, The Centre for Design Research, contributes to international research in the fields of design within which the Institute works, through practice-based inquiry, critical, and informed reflection. The Institute advocates for research-based education and education-based research. This means that students, courses, and ongoing research projects are closely linked, thus mutually benefiting one another.The Institute has an established international network of partner institutions within teaching and research.The Institute has approximately 45 dedicated faculty and part-time teachers with a broad range of academic and professional backgrounds, both nationally and internationally. Part-time teachers and visiting lecturers are recruited for their renowned professional practise to inspire the studies with ‘real world’ perspectives.

At the Institute of Design, we are passionate about shaping futures through design.

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