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Interaction design

Interaction design

Interaction designers create the interfaces and interactions around digital products, such as mobile apps, games, web services and social media. Digital networks and devices are becoming increasingly important in culture, business and society and interaction designers are increasingly in demand in both the private and public sectors.







An interaction designer has knowledge of both digital technology and design methods, and works to understand how technical systems are experienced by users. Interaction designers often work in interdisciplinary settings, in close cooperation with computer scientists, developers and marketing. When designing interactive products we use both traditional design materials, such as wood and plastic, but also technical materials and tools such as electronics and software.

AHO has developed its Interaction Design education for over a decade. We are internationally recognized for our research and development in interaction design through interdisciplinary projects Touch, YOUrban, Rhyme and Ulstein Bridge Concept.

Interaction design is a growing field, and we are closely aligned with IxDA, which has a very active community in Oslo.



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