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Industrial design

Industrial design

Industrial designers develop physical products across various fields, such as health, communication, leisure and work.







Previously the term ‘industrial design’ was used to describe the design of mass produced products; everything from toothbrushes to cars. Today the field also encompass more complex products that often involve modern production-processes and digital technology. Today industrial design is changing dynamically alongside the need for new design-competencies in creating new kinds of products.

An industrial designer has insight into both the technological possibilities and the perspective of users. Industrial designers work closely with both users and clients, as well as other disciplines, such as engineers, interaction-designers and service-desingers. When designing physical products we use traditional tools like pen and paper alongside modern digital sketching and modelling tools. Similarly, we make models and  prototypes using both traditional workshops, but also using new methods such as 3D printers.

Industrial Design at AHO is Norway’s first educational programme of its kind and has been at part of the school for over 30 years. During this period, we and our alumni, have helped establishing the industrial design both in Norway and internationally. Within this field, we have been known for being among the first to engage with new technologies, and for an extensive production of internationally recognised design research.



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