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Institute of Urbanism and Landscape

Institute of Urbanism and Landscape

The institute encompasses teaching, research and development within the fields of urbanism, architecture and landscape architecture. 

The institute emphasises interplay and dialogue between urbanism and landscape architectural approaches. A productive exchange between teaching and research addresses current urban, landscape and architectural challenges and explores multi-scalar urban and territorial development processes. Urban, planning and landscape architectural history and theory are central to teaching and research at the institute.
The department’s activities aim to contribute to both local and global discourses by focusing on conditions in the Northern region which have international relevance. Examples include questions of Norwegian urbanity and public space, challenges and futures of urban and peri-urban landscapes, as well as Arctic and Subarctic habitats as laboratories for exploring the impacts of climate change.
The institute maintains and develops close contact and dialogue with professional, public and civic actors to further significant urban development agendas and issues across all levels and sectors.

The institute has a strong international profile, featuring an established network of cooperating institutions within practice, teaching and research. 

The institute co-manages the Master in Architecture programme and offers two Master programmes in Landscape Architecture: one five-year integrated Master in collaboration with the Arctic University of Norway UiT in Tromsø, and one two-year International Master in Oslo. The institute also offers an Executive Master in Urbanism, and partakes in the AHO PhD program.
Research at the institute is organised under The Oslo Centre for Urban and Landscape Studies.

Head of Institute: Hanna Dencik Petersson​

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