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SOD2 Transdisciplinary work and systems theory

Full course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
Transdisciplinary work and systems theory
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Level of study: 
Executive Master
Teaching semester: 
2021 Autumn
Assessment semester: 
2021 Autumn
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Person in charge
Andreas Wettre
Course content

In a complex world that requires a high level of expertise, it is natural to differentiate fields into separate units or areas to attain sufficient depth. However, this approach is challenging when complex issues require collaboration between many fields to gain an adequate understanding ofthe problems and to ensure that the devised solutions do not unintentionally result in new complications. In this module, we examine the challenges of succeeding with transdisciplinary work, and we link them to various systems theories. These insights are subsequently connected to the students’ projects and the development of expert networks. In addition, we cover topics such as innovation, organisational change, psychology and facilitation. We also engage with extreme teaming and, naturally, its associated management aspects.

Learning outcome
  • A deeper understanding of the challenges of transdisciplinary cooperation
  • Increased comprehension of systems theory
  • Knowledge of processes for interdisciplinary work in innovation processes
  • Larger ‘toolbox’ for managing transdisciplinary teams assembled to solve complex tasks
Working and learning activities

The module consists of two seminars and a final presentation of the expert network.

  • Seminar I – AHO in Oslo – November 2021: Focuses on interdisciplinary cooperation, challenges and management/process tools
  • Seminar II – digital via Zoom – November 2021: Concentrates on systems theory in relation to problem areas and interdisciplinary cooperation

An updated reading list will be available at the time of admission. 

Form of assessmentGroupingGrading scaleComment
Home ExaminationIndividualPass / fail
Oral presentationIndividualPass / fail
Form of assessment:Home Examination
Grading scale:Pass / fail
Form of assessment:Oral presentation
Grading scale:Pass / fail